January 3, 2014

January thoughts


 This is my third day stuck indoors thanks to the massive cold I've been dealing with starting New Year's Eve. I managed to have a good time during the last night of the year, which actually stole my first three days of January. Thank you dear flu, that is just brilliant. I just can't wait to go outside!
 So, at the moment I am savouring a nice warm coffee and a slice of cake (actually I already ate it, plus half of a chocolate croissant) working and at the same time watching the last episode of "Orphan Black" - quite interesting I might add.


 Because Winter Wonderland refused to come this year, we are stuck with a dull, late November both landscape and weather, which didn't exactly put me in the Holiday spirit.
Well...at least she was.


 And this little creature I encountered while visiting my grandparents for Christmas stole a piece of my heart. Beautiful isn't she?


 Even so, while watching TV series like a regular couch potato, gazing constantly at these shoes and considering cutting my hair like this and of course, eating too much candy, I can't seem to let go of Christmas just yet. Nor do I wish to return to University in a few days. Oh, the agony..

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Take care guys!
I wish you all the best for 2014!

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  1. awww, what a beautiful kitty 8)

  2. Uuuu, ce tunsoare indrazneata, chiar vrei sa treci la treaba?:D

    Iti doresc un an nou minunat, draga mea si insanatosire grabnica!

    Te imbratisez cu mult drag,



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