February 24, 2014

While away..


 I missed a bit, from the blogosphere and from world pretty much. I've been strugling with my diploma, my job and fooling myself, thinking I have all the time in the world to think about my future. The thing is, the future is getting closer if you know what I mean and in between parties, many glasses of wine and gazing at new shoes online, I have to decide some major stuff in my life, issues I have no idea when they will be finished. 
So blogging has become slow, I rarely have free time and photographers available and it's becoming almost painful to schedule a day for shootings, not to mention post-editing. I need to make more time or hire a person to take my photos whenever I wish, but I am sure that will not happen.
 In the meantime, I took a short vacation from my life in Cluj and came home to reflect maybe and go thrifting, of course.
 And I already miss my cat.

  dd8 dd82 dd3 dd84

Wearing: MiniPrix.ro skirt and shoes, Bershka sweater, New Look shirt, C&A earrings, vintage bag.

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  1. nice look ;)


  2. good luck with your decisions!!!

  3. Excelent modelul fustei, draga mea, iti vine perfect!

  4. Love the colors, they match so beautifully! :D Lovely outfit ;)


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