May 11, 2014

It strucks me sometimes


 It seems that my passion for blue color is not over yet. Just as in my previous post, I felt the need to dress up in something ivory/white mixed with blue. Somehow, these two colors together, make me think of a fresh Summer, a deep blue sea, beautiful soft sand and those Greek cute little buildings you all know about. Maybe I'm anticipating my Summer vacation, who knows?
 In any case, I couldn't wait to wear those pants I got from an outlet a while back, I tell you , they are the most comfortable pants ever and I recommend them to everyone! Just make sure you don't step on them while climbing up stairs, ok? I sometimes forget that.

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Have a wonderful lazy Sunday guys! 

 Wearing: Zara pants, no name blouse, shoes, Zara jacket, Calvin Klein sunglasses



  1. Pantofii si pantalonii largi fac casa buna impreuna! Superba tinuta!

  2. Oh, ce minunatie de pantaloni! Parca ma imaginez cu ei vara <3 sunt superbi si jacheta e deosebita, de foarte mult timp imi doresc una asemanatoare <3

  3. Love the outfit!! <3

  4. Awesome look, Oli! Your legs go for miles. Remind me again. Why aren't you a super top model? Hugsss ^ _ ^

  5. Simply beautiful! There's this glow about you that makes you unique! Those pants are really amazing: shape and fabric!



  6. Ce frumos :X Ador paleta cromatica a tinutei, iar pantalonii sunt geniali :X :*:*

  7. Arati fabulos! Ador tinuta,in special pantalonii <3 <3

    :* :* Roxie T

  8. Cat de geniali sa fie pantalonii, ma intreb? Iti sta superb asa, sa-i porti mai des! <3

  9. Pantalonii arata intr-un mare fel!!!
    Big Like!<3


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