June 21, 2014

Precious things


 I just got back from a antique market (which is held here in Cluj once a month) where I found that porcelain box and two pairs of vintage earrings. I always get so excited when I learn about this type of fairs, mostly because you can find unique stuff and also that have a history. Really, I wanted to go home with one hundred things from there, but considering my budget, that would've ment to remain broke and also sell some of my body parts. Seriously, I don't think some of the stuff there are really authentic anyway, but the merchants still sell them on sky-high prices. 

mio3 3

This necklace is from Stradivarius and so are the black and white earrings from above (hello sales!)

mio3 2 mio3 7 

 The sandals are from MiniPrix and I haven't even got a chance to wear them, thanks to the pouring rain from the past few days.

  mio3 6 

 And I am sure most of you already know about Nina by Nina Ricci, one of my favorite perfumes. I wish my skin would already have that scent!

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend guys!

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