July 24, 2014

Colorful rainy days

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 This unpredictable Summer weather leaves me confused. Regardless of how chilly it can be, I definitely refuse to wear a second layer of clothing or take a umbrella with me, just in case. No, no, why do that when you can shelter yourself under a huge umbrella at a terrace and also enjoy a calory bomb frappe while looking at people who ran through the pourring rain? 
That is what I did, well, the day was quite sunny and I went with a friend at this little lovely place called Bistro Viena for a chat and that is when the rain started and I just thought: "Man.. my lovely plan of shooting photos is ruined". However, the rain stopped and everything went back to normal since now I am sitting in my home slowly melting from the heat. 
I managed to finally wear my colorful maxi dress without stepping into puddles and turning it into mud. Congratulations are in order I think.

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Wearing: Villa dress (from an outlet store) Stradivarius bracelet, borrowed bag, no name earrings, H&M rings

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  1. That little place looks so lovely <3

    I'm not much into this unpredictable kind of weather either!

    Lately you've been wearing one amazing dress after another, I can't make up my mind which one I love best, but you sure make them look so effortless!

  2. ah, I've been dying over a maxi dress, but the ones I love don't really look nice on me, though I am not that short. Anyway, your dress looks amazing, and the photos are so lovely :)

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  3. I'm reading you for years, and your style is always perfect. And these maxi dresses fits awesome with your style<3

  4. The weather is insane here too dear. You look lovely in that dress whatsoever :)

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