July 20, 2014

Lock the simple moments


 There's this small bridge in Cluj where not long ago couples started to put on lockets as a symbol of their love. Sure, it's not the locket bridge from Paris, but it's cute enough and I adore the idea, I always did. After snipping Mojitos in the rain, we walked through the almost empty park and decided to take some photos around the area before the sun completely went down. Afterward we ate king size cakes to end the evening in a delicious note. 
All in all lovely evenings like these (when the Summer sun doesn't melt you in 2 seconds) are the ones I enjoy the most. Simple, casual, light.

  coil2coil3 coil5 coil4 

Wearing: thrifted C&A dress, thrifted shoes, vintage bag, gifted earrings, Meli Melo ring


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  1. Locket bridges are the cutest (there's one in Comana-Giurgiu, I went there this past weekend).

    I lovelove the cut of your dress, it has a 40's vibe due to the shoulders and sleeves. Very pretty!



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