July 31, 2014

One step outside the city

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 I am tired of the city. I really need an escapade somewhere in the middle of nature, to see the woods, smell fresh air, feel the cool breeze of the mountain, gather flowers and berries to my own heart's content. I have to make this possible soon or I will go nuts, I am sure most of you felt this at a certain point in your life. As much as I am a city girl, I just need to disconnect from time to time.
Finding this little abandoned corner of nature about three minutes from where I live in Cluj, near the edge of the city, made me think more about the idea of an escapade; this idea was strongly endorsed by the beautiful landscapes I saw when I travelled back in my hometown and smelled the green air of nature while the wind was strongly blowing through my hair.

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I will end this article in a peaceful manner, just as I so much desire, with a song that is obsessing my mind right now:

Wearing: Zara pants, Primark thrifted bag, BeYou shirt, Meli Melo necklace

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  1. Well, I say it's time you go on a vacation. You deserve it!
    I can see your hair is longer now. Looks great!
    P.S. I heard you were in Bucharest recently :( I am soooo sorry we couldn't see each other.

  2. Beautiful place, it's amazing that it's so close to where you live.

    This shirt/pants combo is spot on!


  3. Foarte frumoase pozele si tinuta!
    Esti o draguta! :*

  4. Ce frumos iti sta cu parul asa (superba culoarea apropo) <3 :)

  5. Love those pants and that hair color!

    Check out my latest OUTFIT POST and my other posts on Venoma's fashion diary
    XoXo Venoma

  6. Minunate fotografiile si locul este superb <3 Mi-as dori sa gasesc si eu asemenea locsoare in care sa petrec cateva ore <3

    Pantalonii sunt superbi si imi place mult ca i-ai purtat cu o camasa simpla <3


  7. The photos are really beautiful! I love the scenery and the pants!:D


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