August 18, 2014

Hidden treasures.

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 We start this week with a fresh new post and hopefully it will turn your Monday into a more pleasant one, because we all know how much we "enjoy" Mondays.. 

No, I haven't found a hidden treasure (although that would be nice), we do not live in a pirate story the last time I checked, but I did find a cool garden that belongs to a huge mansion somewhere in this little town. I wish I could've taken more photos of the house but it was fully covered in plants of all sorts, but you can get an idea of how big it is from one of the pictures below. I wouldn't mind one bit to be able to live there.
 What caught my attention was the lovely garden from the main entrance and I wished I could've stopped time, enter the place and explore it as much as I could, and of course take more photos! 
Yes, yes, my obsession with gardens and flowers, that will never change, I'm afraid. 

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And how about my cute, feminine blouse? I searched since forever an off-the-shoulder top like this and as I read on the tag, I found out this was some kind of a dress for children between ages 10-12 ?! Oh well, it fits me just fine as well!

 Have a wonderful week, people! 

 Wearing: thrifted top, Zara leggings, no name sandals, thrifted bag, H&M rings



  1. you look lovely as always! pari desprinsa dintr-o poveste! :D

  2. Wow, this place really is a gorgeous hidden gem <3

    I lovelovelove your blouse and the last photo is sooo dreamy. Prettyyy.


  3. The place is amazing! O.O Goodness, what a beautiful garden.

  4. Arati fabulous ^_^

    Imi plac floricelel si cum ti-ai prins parul...atat de frumos si suav.




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