August 15, 2014

You in those little high waisted shorts..

mac8 4 

 This song has been stuck in my mind for a very long time and naturally when I started to make this post, certain lyrics from it came to my mind - it feels like, to me, it has turned into this Summer's hymn. I remember two Summers ago, Lana del Rey's "Summertime sadness" became my ultimate favorite song of that season. And I love to obsess over a song.

 Leaving music aside, you might have noticed on my Facebook page how excited I was to find this little pair of shorts in a thrift shop; the fact is, I have been searching for the right kind of denim shorts with a high waist just to make my legs look infinitely long (I do so love that effect) for quite some time and I was never satisfied. Not to mention the ridiculous prices I had to pay for such little fabric - I cost as much as a long pair of jeans? - that seems absurd. So I payed less than 1 euro for these and boy, do I feel devilishly happy or what?

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Wearing: thrifted shorts, H&M top, Stradivarius bracelets, Sheinside earrings, thrifted sandals and bag.

Happy Friday guys! 
I am having a three-day weekend and it feels sooooo goood! (muahahaha!)


  1. Cute casual ensemble love the high waist shorts

  2. Foarte frumoasa tinuta! Imi plac la nebunie pantalonii scurti si sandalele! :)

  3. you look really amazing :)

  4. The photos are so beautiful! I love the shorts, great find! :D

  5. wow it is so cute! I really like the high waisted shorts, this has given me inspiration, thank you


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