November 29, 2014


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I can't believe how cold it is these days. The weather is simply miserable, today it's been raining non stop. Yesterday was snowing. Quite confusing I might say. 
I went out trying to be pretty, but little did I know that I lost my skill to endure the cold while taking photos for the blog. So even if you see me smile, it was one of these situations when you say " OMG it's so frikin' cold, but let's pretend we're excited about it!". I am sure you understand. After this short session, we took shelter in a pub and drank hot chocolate with infinite satisfaction. 
 About the outfit.. I guesss I was inspired by my cat that day (which, if you haven't seen her on Facebook, she is pitch black) so I created an almost all black outfit with this cute Sheinside sweater as the main attraction. Isn't it cute or what? 
 Ok guys, I am off to the movies. I hope I can endure the cold outside.

 Have a warm and relaxing weekend !
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Wearing: Zara coat, Sheinside sweater, H&M dress and tights, random brand bag and boots, vintage earrings.


  1. i love your style ! its so cool! :))

  2. The sweater is so so sweet! I love it :D

  3. Love your outfit! So pretty. and you are exquisite...what a beautiful smile......
    Particularly love the sweater, and the white tights and black boots...what a wonderful look.
    White tights are my all time favorite.
    I wear them more than any color.
    I'm a dance major and happen to love wearing tights and shorts on campus..and lately even rompers with tights....
    Sure I get looks...but.....

    You are a fashion inspiration to me....

    Jayme, your fashion and ballet loving GUY fan from the USA

  4. Amazing style!
    Totally love the monochrome look!



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