December 27, 2014

In between holidays

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 Christmas came and went as fast as a thought and left us with our bellies full and our mind at peace, I hope. For me, Christmas is my favorite part of the year and I really am sorry I did not got to see any snow, the lack of it makes my holiday spirit less magical. But presents were given, friends and families were around and the joy was still there. I hope you all had a wonderful time this Christmas and let us hope for the best in 2015 ! A few more days and the year ends, I really can't believe it..

This is what I wore on the second day of Christmas while I was visiting my relatives somewhere near the mountains. It seems I am still struck with a grey/red/black color mix; what can you do? You use a certain obsession until you exhaust it and move on to the next one when the time comes, isn't that right?

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Wearing: Sheinside sweater, gifted skirt, Deichmann boots, Zara coar, C&A rings


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