December 30, 2014

In the white zone

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 In less than 12 hours Winter installed itself without a care throughout the country. It's been snowing almost non stop and now piles of snow gathered on the sidewalk forcing you to rather skate than walk, which isn't quite convenient.
 And just when I decided to return to Cluj, the weather made this turn and I really hope that my train won't be delayed because of this. 
 But just like any other human being, I got excited at first seeing all this great whiteness around me and of course, some photos in the snow were a must! Sometimes I really miss my childhood innocence. 
As we speak I am on my way to spend the New Year's in Cluj and I really hope it will be fun. I also hope that all of you will have a blast as well and that all your wishes will come true in 2015! 
One more day left, can you believe it?

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 Wearing: Brshka coat, H&M scarf, vintage beret, Ne Yorker jeans.


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  1. Nu-mi vine sa cred ca e sfarsit de an... Timpul trece altfel in viata de adult! Noroc cu zapada care ne face sa ne bucuram ca niste copii :). Imi plac tare mult culorile din tinuta ta! De altfel, esti mereu o sursa de inspiratie cand vine vorba de combinatii de culori! Te pup cu drag! Un an nou cu bucurii!



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