January 11, 2015

The Blue Yeti is back!

img2 5 

 It's been a long time since I wore that coat, perhaps because so far this Winter has been too cold to be able to wear it and keep me warm. But now the weather is much more warmer, but as a result, there is only filth on the streets because the snow melted and that is not a pretty sight. At least I feel cozy and awesome in a fluffy and unusual coat!

I hope you are having a great weekend despite the cloudy weather. I've been catching up with some reading and I watched The Fault in our Stars only now, because I was afraid it wouldn't be as good as the book. But it was. And it was devastating. I won't be watching any other sad drama for a while now. 
Tonight is the Golden Globes ceremony and I wish I could see it live, but I found nothing online, no live broadcast, no illegal streaming, haha. Speaking of which, did anyone see The Imitation Game yet? It's due to release in cinemas here only on 30th January and I hear it's a great film (hooray for Cumberbatch!)  and I am sooooo curious!

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 Wearing: thrifted coat, Zara skirt, Deichmann boots, no name bag, H&M scarf



  1. Gorgeous! You look amazing in that sweater!


  2. Blue of your coat is perfect with your haircolor!!! Nice choice Anaivilo!!! I'm Eni, blogger from Italy. If you want, take a look at my blog.


  3. Ce frumoasa esti!!! <3
    Cardiganul e minunat si-ti sta asa de bine cu albastru, iar geanta e absolut superba!!
    Un an minunat iti doresc, cu multa sanatate si plin de realizari, pupici!!

  4. Superchic look dear!

    Check out my latest outfit post
    XoXo Venoma
    Venoma Fashion Freak

  5. I have missed the Globes as well but saw all the amazing pictures from the robes today :) I love your look!! That a fashionable Yeti :)



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