January 14, 2015

Wednesday thoughts

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 Yesterday I went out shopping for groceries - nothing unusual here, everybody does that - but not everybody forgets the wallet home and starts calling friends to the rescue while walking aimlessly in the hypermakert. I eventually left the cart there, went home, rushed back there and found the cart was waiting for me there in the same position as I left it. I thought that wouldn't be possible. 
 Who forgets the wallet back home?? I seriously have no idea where my mind was at that time; well, at least my camera was in the bag, if I had to rush back home to get it, I think I would've just let it go and went to McDonalds instead to punish myself for my stupidity, hahaha! 

Luckily that didn't happen, so we took some pictures just before the sun went down, there were those crucial 10 minutes that we desperately trying to cling on - yey, at least I got a great light behind me. 
Today I'm lazy and decided to do nothing. My job starts in an hour and I need to find a yummy recipe so I can have my pre-dinner soon. Sometimes I get bored of all food on Earth and in those moments I feel I could only eat junk food. Why? So not healthy..

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Wearing:  thrifted coat, Bershka sweater, Sheinside shirt, random brand bag, vintage skirt, MiniPrix.ro boots


  1. Gosh your makeup and hair is perfect in these pictures! I'm exactly the same when it comes to leaving stuff at home- I left my Oyster in my flat last night and with that it would've cost me £1.50 to get home, whereas it actually cost me £6 due to my stupidity and London's excessive 'single' ticket rates!

    Dandy Girl

  2. This is an adorable outfit. I love the colour of your tights and how they pull the whole ensemble together! Kx

  3. Hi Anaivilo and thank you for you visit! Nice and funny story: wallet is always necessary for shopping, but (also) for the supermarket!!! Ah,ah,ah!!! Nice jacket, I like very much mix colors of this outfit! Have a nice day, kisses,

    Eniwhere Fashion
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  4. so great .. ; ]


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