June 19, 2015

Dwarf prints and fringes

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 I am wearing my Summer pants as I like to call them, mainly because of their bold color and catchy print. I am not a fan of this particular dwarf print as I named it, I much prefer big prints that you are able to destinguish from the distance, but there is something adorable about these pants that I cannot explain. From time to time, I go back to them and wear them for a casual afternoon stroll around the city. And the fringe top, well.. I have for some time now, even before this whole hippie trend started this Spring. I thought: "how convenient, I am in trend now" , haha. 
We found that lovely place near the park, a gorgeous little house with all those roses at the entrance that embraced the fence as well. I loved it, I wish I could have a house covered in flowers like that.

 I live you to the photos now. 

Happy weekend guys!

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Wearing: thrifted pants, H&M top, no name bracelets, vintage bag, MiniPrix.ro sandals


  1. Such a lovely place, the photos look great! And your summer pants are cute & dainty, I love them!


  2. Amazing :) and I like the wedges!

  3. nice
    follow to follow?
    let me know


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