July 14, 2015

Playing with Pin-Up

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 Don't we just love to play dress-up? This may not be my every day outfit, but I really wanted to do something I haven't done in a while and this time I tried a sort of modern pin-up style. I have the high waisted shorts, heels and the cute headband that is almost mandatory. The only thing missing is a retro curled hairstyle, but let's do that for another time.
 I felt awesome dressed like that, you know, that powerful feeling you have when you know you are wearing a great dress or something you wanted to have for a very long time. It's just great and I think that is the feeling we should strive for when we are choosing an outfit for a certain occasion or even for daily wear. It's always important to feel not only comfortable, but also amazing in what you wear! That is my motto.

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Wearing: Stradivarius blouse and bracelets, thrifted shorts, shoes from HERE , vintage earrings



  1. Te prinde foarte bine aceasta tinuta. Imi place mult :)
    Cu siguranta as purta si eu ceva de genul acesta :)


  2. Gosh, pin-up suits you like a glove! Really love the outfit and you are suuuuper beautiful!



  3. I'm in love with the print on the off-the-shoulder blouse. That outfit is divine.


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