September 10, 2015

Can't let go

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 Well, this outfit would have been perfect for hot Summer days, but sadly, those days are gone. 
When I chose these items, it was mid August I think, however the shipping took longer than expected. I don't complain though, I haven't felt the chills on my skin in quite some time and I actually enjoyed it! I can't wait for full Autumn to bloom, but let's not open that subject now. 

Right now I am showing off this lovely skirt that I had hoped it would be longer, but no matter, I chose it because of this gorgeous print, it looks like it was painted in watercolor (oh, the artist in me still lives!). I wanted to recreate a vintage look I saw once around the Web, so I found this cute top that allowed some skin to show between it and the skirt, a detail I find to be playful and cute.
 And what about the sunglasses? I knew they had to be mine since I searched for a long time some heart-shaped sunglasses - I can be very girlie sometimes, I know. 
You can find all the items here, they have so many other and the prices are out of this world!

 Let me know your thoughts!

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top from Here
skirt from Here
Sunglasses from Here
Sandals from MiniPrix
Rings from H&M


  1. Wonderful print skirt and glorious on you dear Anaivilo

  2. Lovely as always!
    But I have to ask, do you have a picture that can show better the makeup you're wearing? I fell in love with this blue we can see in the profile shot.

    Love ya


  3. The skirt is awesome!!


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