November 24, 2015

Autumn's end


 This past weekend has been rainy and really gloomy, which was disappointing since I really wanted to test out my new camera outdoors - one I am still learning to use - so, the weather turned on me right when I arrived downtown. A cold rain was waiting for me, I was all elegant and I just had my hair done and I was also carrying a heavy camera in my bag; it was all peaches and cream. A failed weekend from this point of view.
Anyway, we managed to test it Monday morning while I was still sleeping in my heels, but at least I had my results, and I am quite pleased. I wished we had more time to explore more options, but I am just getting impatient here, there is plenty of time in fact.
On other news, I saw the final "Hunger Games" film, it was exciting, a bit scary in some parts, a bit predictable and a bit hollow. I loved the action - mind you, I didn't read the books - but I disliked the ending, it just didn't feel right, it didn't convinced me at all, and I hate that, I hate it when an ending isn't satisfactory. But I made a cake that day and at least that was satisfactory.

 The weather is turning cold but I hope you'll have a sunny, positive week! I am tempting myself to try baking some macarons this week. Fingers crossed!

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Wearing: shirt from HERE, vintage skirt, belt, earrings, Penti stockings, bag

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  1. This outfit is so autumnal but also smart and elegant. I love the way the outfit brings out your hair colour too! Kx


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