December 27, 2015

Into the blues

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Hello everyone, how was your Christmas? I hope it was peacefull and filled with laughter as it should be. Mine was pretty much ok, apart from still being shocked of the exceptionally warm weather, it was quite relaxing. I am still indulging in ginger bread cookies and grandma's cakes and I don't think I'll stop soon.
Do you remember the last time I collaborated with the guys over at One Necklace, when they sent me a name necklace? Well, this time they just made my Christmas a lot more sparklier, because I received recently a golden ring with my name on it. You can order it from here and of course, you can put the name of your own choosing. Don't you just love personalized jewelry? I adore the idea, it just makes you feel special, so guys, this can be a perfect gift for any lady.
Plus, you can add the code wonder10 and you'll get 10% discount.

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Wearing: H&M sweater, no name boots, Zara headband, vintage earrings, golden ring from HERE



  1. Foarte draguta tinuta.
    Sa ai sarbatori fericite in continuare!

  2. OMG I love the ring and the headband! :D Awesome look;)


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