December 24, 2015

My Christmas look

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 I can't believe I am wearing dress shoes in Winter! The weather is exceptionally warm for this time of year, not that I complain; however I do miss having a white Christmas, but it's been years since it hasn't snowed on Christmas Eve, so all hope is gone this year, I feels like we're in Southern Spain or something. 
Still, preparations have been made, the whole house is decorated, the Christmas tree is up and running and why not prepare a Christmas outfit too? As always, red is a must have for me during the winter holidays, so this year I am wearing this gorgeous red skirt - remember I have another one like this, but in pink? - I just adore the design, couldn't help it. Paired with a fluffy black sweater and of course I had to decorate myself too. I thought this double necklace is a great fit for Christmas time. It gives away a warm magical feeling and isn't Christmas supposed to be magical and sparkly? 

 Thus being said, I wish you a very magical and warm Christmas! 

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Wearing: skirt from HERE, vintage shoes, necklace from HERE, thrifted sweater, H&M earrings and rings


  1. You are perfect my dear in this ootd and tour skirt is amazing!!! Kisses from Italy and merry Christmas

    Eniwhere Fashion
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  2. Perfect Christmas outfit! Lovely my dear ♥

  3. Gorgeous outfit!! I love the skirt :D


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