December 5, 2015

Just a bit of spark

09 6 

 It was one of those days when the weather was horrid, cold and yet humid, the light was darkened by the heavy clouds and so, all you wanted to do was to lay in bed and read something light or watch movies. But we went out for a nice cup of hot chocolate, the kind that resembles a pudding in texture so in fact you are actually having a desert instead of a drink. 
I didn't have the courage or mood to wear a skirt or something fancy, so I went for a casual look but since I thought it was too boring, I had to add a little bit of glow, so a dark blue sparkly statement necklace really solved my problem! Fancy jewelry really does the trick.

 And I really can't believe we're already in December! I am already thinking about Christmas presents, how about you?

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Wearing: Zara coat, New Yorker jeans, Bershka shirt, CNDirect sweater, necklace from HERE


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