January 3, 2016

Hello 2016!

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 The first days of 2016 brought us a terrifying cold all over the country, hence a cozy Russian style outfit is in order. I couldn't find the perfect moment to wear this coat, since the weather was too warm, until yesterday. I have to say the city is quite...empty, not sure because of the cold or because everyone is still out of town since New Year's Eve. I suppose it's normal for this period of time.
I do hope the new year will bring you, and me, lots of fun beginnings and cheerful moments and if you're not the type of person to make resolutions, like me, then at least let's try to build something new for ourselves or even for others, as much as we can. 
I'm such a romantic these days, who would've thought?

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Wearing: Bershka coat, no name beret, Deichmann boots, Zara skirt.



  1. Ahh, I love the pinkish colour tone of these photos and you look so, so adorable in that fluffy beret!

    Tons of hugs and a Happy New Year to you!


  2. Happy 2016! Wonderful outfit.

  3. Happy New year, dear! You look so lovely in this cream outfit, super romantic and gentle.

  4. Hello, doll! You look so beautiful! You can wear neutrals like no others! Heck, you can wear prints, patterns, layers like no other :)! I really love the pop of color in the gloves!

    Many hugs and best wishes for the new year!



  5. Your shearing coat is amazing! Love very much blue gloves, such a cute detail!


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