January 9, 2016

Winter games

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This is not my typical kind of post, but since I really enjoy taking these photos, I thought: "why not share them here as well?" I like skating, in fact, it's the only sport I am fond of, because it's artistic - go figures. Not that I am an expert or anything, but I do enjoy watching all Grand Prix skating finals, World championships, so whenever there's a competition, I am there, stuck in front of the TV and cheering for my favorite skaters; I would really love to see a competition live, I think the vibe it's totally different. 
So yes, this is the only sporty activity I enjoy, next to swimming, too bad it can only be done in Winter time. 
We are here on the Central park's frozen lake, the ice was really thick so you could skate all you want and the best part is that it is free! It's totally safe when it's really cold of course, I hope it will last longer so I can enjoy this a little more.

Stay warm!

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Gracious like a swan, am I not ?


  1. Ce frumoase sunt pozele si ce dragut ca aveti un patinoar asa neingradir, live it!!

  2. So beautiful and romantic look!


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