September 19, 2012

Temperley London SS 2013

temperley london2 

 If last season Burberry awed me with velvet skirts and a dazzling color palette , this time it was Temperley London's turn to amaze me with her designs. It was one collection I admired entirely since the beginning of Fashion Week this season; with every piece I kept on "awww"-ing and felt my heart beating a little faster. So congratulations to Alice Temperley for making me feel thus!

  temperley london7temperley london4 temperley london5 

That dress above will be haunting my dreams forever!temperley london18 temperley london17 temperley london21 temperley london20 temperley london14 temperley london22 temperley london19

This one is simply outstanding! I just adore the transparencies, and the romantic motifs and the bold red and the soft blue. A truly great collection for Spring/Summer!

temperley london25 temperley london11

What do you say ?

P.S. Tonight I will be on my way to my hometown for another 10 days or so, then back in Cluj for the rest of Autumn! Yeehaaa! (We packed all of our belongings in our temporary apartment here and cleaned the whole thing for hours!)


  1. Great Post !

    We can dream together because I want that dress too it;s so cool :)

    I'm working on a questions tag would you help me and leave a question for me ?:)

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  2. A patra si pen-penultima rochie sunt superbe! :)

  3. I loved this runway show!! So pretty!! PS I love your red hair!! PPS. I'd love it if you could visit my blog and follow me if you like it!! :)


  4. very lovely collection, everything looks such elegant and fresh)

  5. This is a perfect collection indeed! I adore the silhouette and the subtle prints. Wonderful!

  6. This collection is pure fun, and it's so beautiful. xx

  7. Doamne cat sunt de frumoase.TOATE!! Asta da moda,nu chestii purtabile doar pe catwalk


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