October 10, 2012

The peplum jacket!


 Long absence..I know..damned Internet guy who never shows up! Sorry, sorry, I try as much as I can to keep up with everything and keep you posted. 
Anyway.. I present you my custom made jacket, made by my grandfather this Summer, I couldn't wait to wear it and today was the perfect day! And with my new boots (which I have been craving for ages) makes a perfect match! 
Of course I chose peplum, I had to had a jacket with peplum so hooraay, I feel unique now. 
I am not very pleased with these photos, they were taken in a rush, our schedules don't really match and it's a pain.. I wish I could've taken more photos, maybe next time.
 I leave you to the rest of the photos now, I am prolonging my stay at my neighbor too much! 

  ins8ins4 ins2 ins5 

 Wearing: custom made jacket, self made skirt, Deichmann boots, Stradivarius necklace, Terranova blouse, vintage bag



  1. Very nice!Such a cool jacket!

  2. I love the jacket!!! It's awesome:D

  3. That is one cool jacket, love it. Well in fact I love your whole outfit. Love the pattern on the skirt, the boots your blouse.

  4. I don't know what you're talking about because the pictures look great and you look amazing :)

    It is rather unusual to see you in all that black but the outfit is gorgeous, and so is the jacket.

    Buuuut ... mostly I loooove the boots, I want some like that, maybe in a different color so hopefully I'll be able to find mine soon ^.^



  5. Love your jacket and boots! Very stylish!

  6. oh my, that jacket is amazing! :)


  7. That jacket is GORGEOUS!

    I am soooo jealous.


  8. foarte simpatic si adecvat! mai ales jacheta, foarte chic!

  9. I am loving that jacket, so far I have never seen something like that! Oh btw nice outfit too!

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  10. Oh my that is a fantastic outfit! I love the skirt and the jacket:D

  11. That is one great fabulous jacket!! And you wear it beautifully!

  12. este superba. si facuta parca pentru tine :>


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