May 30, 2015

Secret places

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 When in Cluj, you need to start exploring the city as much as you can, because you never know how many beautiful places you can find that are just around the corner.
 I found this lovely court while I was window shopping and I have to say that I walked by it so many times and didn't even knew it existed. We went for a peak and I was so enchated by the terrace and the ivy that climbed over the years over that wall and I instantly thought it's a dreamy place to take dreamy photos. I always get excited when I find beautiful places like this, and the fact is that it's not that secret, you just need to pay attention where you're going. 
 I hope you'll love the result as much as I do!

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 Happy weekend guys!

Wearing: borrowed skirt, Bershka shirt, New Yorker tights, vintage earrings, thrifted belt.



  1. Like a princess, so beautiful girl. Love the outfit and this place. Gorgeous. Kisses

  2. It may be a beautiful spot - but hat about your outfit - stunning! Somehow with the belt and tights you mange to make a simply combination look elegant and fun! Kx

  3. Omg, this place is amazing! I always try to find cute locations for my photos, and I'm a sucker for ivy, so I think this is just amazing! And I love how your outfit matches the decor, those tights are gorgeous!

    Really lovely photos and look, my dear! Really great job!


  4. Amazing place, indeed. I love the photos so much!! Great choice of accessories, as well.


  5. Totally awesome and dreamy photos!!

  6. Dreamy photos indeed!


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