August 6, 2015



 I am currently back in my hometown for a couple of weeks, spending time with a part of our family that came to visit us from abroad. The house is filled with laughter, agitation and excitement, but it's all good and fun to have them around, we get to see them so rarely.
 It's so hot these days and of course, all I want to do is stay by the pool or inside the house where the temperature is agreable. And as we were walking around in the city, we barely found a decent place to take these pictures in the Sun's full brightness, I am not really a fan of this strong light but sadly, I can't always take advantage of the precious Golden Hour, so I had to work with what I had at the moment. 

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Wearing: Zara pants, Tshirt from HERE , H&M shoes, thrifted bag, no name bracelets


  1. The photos turned out beautiful! I really love the floral print on the pants! You look beautiful and delicate, as always!



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