October 29, 2015

Autumn at its peak

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 We had a good day when we shot these photos. It was sometime around 11 AM on Sunday and the city was almost empty. No people, no cars, it was cold and it was the perfect atmopshere to drink a good coffee in quiet and with a good company.  
 What's Autumn without its gorgeous crimson and golden colors? Inspired by this, I thought to take out my very old jacket that has been in my family for over thirty years I think. I am impressed how my mom managed to keep it in such a good shape, I hope I will be able to keep it the same for another thirty years! Wow... that's a lot come to think about it. 
But let's think about the upcoming weeked (It's almost Fridaaaayyy, yeeey!). Anything planned for Halloween? 
I think we're going to celebrate it this year properly - I won't be making pumpkin pies, they're not to my taste - but we will dress up somehow and start to "trick or treat" some parties, as we are too old for candies (so they say). We'll see how that goes.

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Wearing: Miniprix.ro skirt and boots, Bershka shirt, vintage jacket and earrings, Orsay scarf, Meli Melo headband, thrifted bag, H&M rings



  1. The skirt and the scarf is great!

  2. Gorgeous scarf!! I love the print and the headband :D


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