September 4, 2016

Vintage dream

vintage dream3

Man, I can't believe it's September already. I have been so busy finding myself a new place to live, that I completely lost track of time and social media.
Yesterday I managed to just relax for about 5% and go out in the evening and try not to think about "Where am I going to live?" or "I am completely homeless!" but let's not turn this post into a pathetic one.
Let's talk about this dress instead! It's in a retro 1950s style, even though it is not actually vintage, but I am sooo pleased that nowadays I can find this vintage style dresses online and at a fair price! All you vintage lovers know that to find a historical piece of clothing really takes more than an effort.
I love this particular dress because it has such a nice volume and because of that it looks so feminine and elegant and you won't even believe how comfortable it is! What do you think about this style?

I hope you had a lovely weekend so let's focus on having a great week as well!

vintage dream4 retro dream vintage dream vintage dream8 vintage dream2 vintage dream6 vintage dream5 vintage dream7

Wearing: Dress from HERE, MiniPrix shoes, no name bag, vintage earrings


  1. You look gorgeous dear!



  2. Beautiful dress! You look stunning!

  3. You look AMAZING! WOW!!!!
    Love your haircolor too

    xxx, Eva

  4. You look super gorgeous!! xx

  5. This dress looks absolutely stunning on you!

    District of Chic

  6. You look so beautiful in this dress, perfect images.

  7. Gorgeous dress! I love the print so much! :D

  8. such a dreamy, beautiful outfit.
    loved the pictures.



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