February 3, 2018

Classic old tartan


 It's been a while (again), this is starting to become a habit, one that I do not like. Disappearing from the online world is not a necessity for me, it's rather happening because time is not enough for me to actually browse around the big old Internet. I barely have 6 hours to sleep, 20 minutes to eat, and about 5 seconds to breathe - an exaggeration, but you get the point. 
Adult life is not a pink dream. 

 Did you notice that tartan print is having a come back? Or maybe is it just me and it was in trend for many seasons and I just opened my eyes now. Anyway, I saw this skirt and my first thought was: "This actually does NOT look like a table cloth" - I usually get that idea in my head when I see tartan, checkered prints and such. 
I just loved the fabric and the colors and also the design - that front zipper really turns the skirt one step into the modern world. I did not mean to make that sound so dramatic though.

 Anyway, I am very late for work as it is, let me know your thoughts on this outfit, how would you wear a tartan print item?
  reds1 reds reds2 reds4 reds3 reds5

Wearing: Zara sweater and coat, Stradivarius bag,  skirt and bracelets, H&M boots

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