September 15, 2010

Still, color rules my world

So what if it's September? It's still sunny and warm, and I don't feel yet like wearing neutral colors or boots; it feels like as long as I am in my hometown, summer will always be here with me. I am enjoying these last weeks before heading to college, taking walks, watching movies or just spending time with my boyfriend. Hope you have a nice week!

Wearing: Stradivarius blazer, Quelle T-shirt, Moa stockings, Meli Melo sunglasses, vintage bag and shoes. The dress was a gift from a friend of mine. Also the brooches belonged once upon a time to my mother.


  1. i'm just stalking around muhahihehuha

  2. felicitari!!!
    smarty pants;;)
    lovely outfit!

  3. you are really looking stunning! And this outfit is amazing!
    check out my blog!

  4. your outfits amaze me each time i come. actually they are getting better and better. i dont even know with what to begin with this one. the print on the dress is beautiful. the colour of the tights work wonderfully with it.

  5. Really cute outfit. Loving that dress and those tights are a fantastic colour! :)SarahD

  6. You look super adorable! i love your tights and sunnies. Very nice!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  7. Aloooha & nice to meet you.Imi place foarte mult blogul si stilul tau (ti-am si dat follow).Am vazut in postarile anterioare ca ai fost in Cluj si ma bucur ca ti-a placut pt. ca eu nu ma mai satur de orasul asta :))

    Talk to you soon.

  8. Of course, no matter the season, colors are always part of our wardrobe. I am glad I met another "color lover" :)) Love your hair and those tights.

  9. oh, i love your satchel, it's so pretty! i'm not sure if you follow her blog already, but lucy from 'snippets of shiny thoughts' is also a great lover of all things colourful so i think you will really like her blog and style!

    love, jazzabelle. xxx

  10. Cool look!


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