August 30, 2011

Back from Felsziget Festival


Alright darlings, excuse my delay, I only managed to get the photos today from the Festival I went, I didn't took my camera with me but in my opinion the photos turned out great, at least the ones from the concert. It was brilliant, Within Temptation is one of my favorite bands, Sharon sang beautifully, and it was the typical insanity of any concert if you are familiar with them. So, I had a great time and I am looking nostalgic at these photos right now..




This is what I wore, self made dress and lots and lots if rings!








Amazing, wouldn't you say?


And a post-concert photo. It got really cold there, brr.
Hope you enjoyed the photos! See you soon with more delicious goodies.

Wearing: self made dress, Converse sneakers, random brands rings and bracelets.

August 27, 2011



By the time you read this I am on my way to the Felsziget Festival, where I will be staying for a few days, oh I can't wait! It feels these are my last day of summer because after I return I will have to finish a project for University, so work is needed and to be honest I feel Fall is approaching and I am ready for it.







I am not sure I can update from there but I will come back with some pretty pics I hope!
Have a great weekend darlings!

Wearing: Mini Prix top, gifted shorts, Deichmann sandals, vintage bag, random brand headband.

August 25, 2011

Dorothy has new shoes


These are my new shoes, a new pair of black flats, because the old ones sadly couldn't resist anymore so now the lie on a forgotten shelf since I do not have the heart to throw them away. Do you do that with your shoes or am I crazy?
Anyway, I liked the little bow on them, they remind me a bit of Dorothy's shoes from The Wizard of Oz.
Here is how I chose to wear them for their first outdoor walk.

er 4

er 6


er 8

er 7

er 5

er 2

Yes, that is a wonderful delicious pancake! How cute is it? I felt sorry for ruining its beauty.
Also, that top on me used to be my mom's old skirt. You wouldn't have guessed that right? Haha, it's a miracle what you can do with a pair of scissors and a elastic band.

Have a great day darlings!

Wearing: self made skirt and top, Leonardo shoes, vintage bag, Meli Melo bracelets.

August 23, 2011

Soft Pink Petals



qw 3

qw 4

qw 8

qw 2

qw 6

qw 7

This old skirt reminds me of the Romantic Era and pink roses. I love the way you can play with that skirt and that big ruffle which gives it more volume an joviality. Nevermind the colors, which are beyond words!
In a few days I will be leaving for a short vacation -not that I am not already in one, where fun and concerts await me. I am not sure about my internet connection there, but I will keep you posted.
Have a great week darlings!

Wearing: no name skirt, Bershka top, Junker sandals, vintage bag, Meli Melo ring

August 21, 2011

Favorite Things + Giveaway Winner

78 6

I am sure all of you have some favorite items you think they are meant to be for you. The feeling when you are quickly falling in love with a necklace, a perfume or a pair of shoes, is so strong that you know in that instant that you can never let them go. Leaving aside my clothes and shoes - it's impossible to choose among them, I wanted to show you first, my heartagram - the symbol of the band HIM which is my favorite! It feels that I have a part of the band with me.

78 9

78 2

My favorite perfumes, Rock'n Rose Couture by Valentino and Pure from DKNY which I received not too long ago. Also, on my top three, or five, is Premier Jour from Nina Ricci - a bliss!

78 7

I am totally obsessed with body creams and lotions

78 4

A small part of my books..

78 8

This cute globe received from my mother, it feels so magical.

78 5 2
And my favorite bag so far! Can't wait to wear it! From New Yorker.

Aaaaaand... it's time to announce the winner of my Anniversary Giveaway: I calculated the number of entries, including the extra ones and here is the result:


..number 29, Manuella from Let's talk about Fashion. Congratulations!

Take care guys! ^^

August 19, 2011

Rock in the City

99 5

Yesterday I went to a little festival that is happening here where young rock bands are performing and also a few Romanian more known bands, speaking of which, tomorrow will be performing my favorite so maybe I can snap some photos. Of course I dressed according to the "occasion" so to say, I took out the adolescent in me and wore all black and studs and I felt great! The only thing that was missing was a pair of Gothic leather boots but,'s summer!
I wish my cousin was still here with me, but she has returned to Portugal (how I wished I could jump into a suitcase and board on that plane!) You can see her in the last photo, I will miss her dearly.

99 4

99 6

99 3


99 1

99 8

Tomorrow is the last day for the Giveaway so enter HERE quickly!

Wearing: Zara T-shirt, Takko shorts, Mei shoes, vintage bag.

P.S. I have to say that among all the things I bought at Zara, that T-shirt is the worst! I had to put back all those studs twice, because they kept on falling off! They still do.