November 30, 2011

Autumn's End







Tomorrow is the 1st of December (and also Romania's National Day, so no going to University for me, yey!), technically winter will soon be installed but it doesn't seem the case here. But anyway, I can't believe the three months of autumn are gone and I just hope we won't have a five-month-long winter, usually that is the case here.
Have a great rest of the week!

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Wearing: H&M skirt, thrifted sweater, Takko jacket, Stradivarius bag, random brand shoes.

November 28, 2011

Like a bright sky








I just adore my thrifted, baggy, ciel blue sweater! I feel like wearing a piece of the bright sky. And guess what? Today was a sunny wonderful day, at last!

Have a great week darlings!

Wearing: thrifted sweater and bag, random brand shoes, Hippie Shake leg warmers and tights, New Yorker skirt, Leonardo scarf.

November 25, 2011

It's the bluest blue..


I wished I could've taken more photos and in another location because the sun was shining for a moment so beautifully, it was his first apparition in a week full of fog.
Weekend has arrived and I have a lot to do, both for myself and for school.
Can you believe it's a month left until Christmas? Can't wait!





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Wearing: Zara blazer, thrifted shirt, H&M top, Diesel jeans, random brand shoes, New Yorker bag.

November 23, 2011

One of those days






What I've done today:
1. Broke my make-up kit (for the fourth time)
2. Went to University for courses
3. I contemplated the numbed nature and felt sad for a moment or two
4.Cooked myself a fancy meal
5. Watched Gossip Girl
6. Blogged and procrastinated
7. Ate a dozen of clementines
8. Still thinking about sewing something or not.

Sometimes I can be quite superficial and lazy. This is one of those days.

Currently I am listening to One Night Only and still eating clementines.

Hope you are having a great day!

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Wearing: Next jeans, thrifted shirt and sweater, New Yorker bag, Leonardo boots.

November 21, 2011

I have painted myself with dead leaves


I guess this is my response at the sight of so many leaves on the ground, the colors simply resonate with me and they inspire me. The boots you are seeing in my feet are new, I bought them a few days ago, actually I have been craving for them for quite some time, so you can imagine my joy.
Have a fabulous week my dears!







Wearing: Stradivarius shorts and bag, Kara sweater, random brand tights and shoes.

November 20, 2011

Gala Avanpremiere


Finally I have found the time to write about the Gala Avanpremiere I was invited to a few days ago, a fashion show, probably the most important one in the country, which reunites several Romanian fashion designers, and this time they presented their Spring/Summer 2012 collections. Take a look:


Anca & Silvia Negulescu: I loved their collections, a few pieces really spoke to me and I loved the metallic pieces with a ruffled silhouette, it reminded me of a Sci-Fi romance; and all the details were stunning, and to me that is important.




anca silvia2 3

anca silvia 2

Rue des Trucs: Nude colors mixed with cold antarctic blue, simple and yet refined silhouettes were mostly highlighted by the exquisite jewellery, I especially loved the spooned-shaped necklace.

rue des trucs2

rue des trucs

Iris Serban: she always has dramatic collections, story telling and well, beautiful dresses. I loved the fabrics, drapings and the general idea which I think speaks for itself.




Natalia Vasiliev: it's clearly she created a beautiful romantic collection;, the gowns are irresistible, the layers of ruffles and the draping lures you into a haute couture world, you simply can't dislike this collection. The only problem I had was with some of the jewelery pieces, which I thought to be too heavy for the already sophisticated dresses.




Carmen Secareanu didn't impress me much; sure, the soft fabrics and transparencies really reminded me of Spring, but let's just say that the aesthetic is not in my taste, plus.. I really think those shoes belong there.


Silvia Serban's
collection was transforming: one short dress became a longer one, or different jackets turned into other pieces. Deconstruction is okay, but I have seen it too much already, plus some pieces didn't belong there, but all in all it was a decent collection.


Teodora Baciu had shiny fabrics mixed with graphics. Sounds interesting, and she did a decent job, the dresses are clean and I loved the asymmetry regarding the sleeves on some dresses, makes it a lot more interesting, but still, I wished she would've have dared more.



I thank Costin for taking the first and last photo of me, he was a dear.

Which was your favorite? Can't wait to see your comments!

I was wearing a no name jacket, thrifted scarf, Terranova pants, New Look top, Bershka sweater and Leonardo boots.