February 29, 2012

A garden for the romantics


Here it is, my new skirt, which is now among my favorites and how could it not be, just look at that delicious print! It gives me such a romantic and feminine feeling, just the way I like it. And speaking of which, I found in stores these days sooo many lace dresses, they somehow broken my heart when I left them there, but maybe I will get my hands on one of them, I have to actually! I am obsessed with lace, and a dress of this brilliant fabric is just what is missing from my closet. But you know..there is no such thing of a complete wardrobe, isn't it? We will always crave for something new.
So tomorrow Spring is supposed to begin, but we still have some snow, and boy, I can't wait for flowers and warmer weather!






Many thanks to Andreea for the photos and for lending me those shoes!

Wearing: self-made skirt, Stradivarius blazer, vintage shirt, bag and bow accesory, New Look shoes


Diana said...

beautiful skirt!
Have a lovely first day of spring! :)

Alina said...

I love this outfit!The skirt is so pretty!

Emanuel I. said...

Great look...
Se vede ca vine primavara si-n blogosfera.
Te felicit!

Gabriela Atanasov said...

Love it dear, the jacket, the bow everything looks great:)!

Gabriela Atanasov said...

love it dear, the jacket, the bow everything looks great!

chocolatefashioncoffee said...

imi place foarte mult tinuta! Fusta este minunata!Felicitari!


V A N E S S A said...

Love the outfit! the skirt is so cute. Lovely pictures.


Valerie said...

Oh so sweet and lovely!! I adore that skirt, the print is brilliant indeed! O.O

Laura Tenshi said...

Hey pretty lady, awesome job with the skirt! It came out great.
Nice touch with the bow tie, it completes the look.
I am sure leaving those lace dress behind was really heartbreaking for you.
Cheer up! There are plenty of beautiful lace dress out there waiting on clothes racks.
Lots of hugs Oli ^ _ ^

Mina said...

Oliviana i'm so glad to be back too and to read your amazing wonderful blog.
the skirt sooo caught my eye. i knew it was made by u. just cause its such a unique piece and i havent seen anything like this in stores.
i see u still have an eye for whimsical touches. love it.

Angelica said...

Beautiful skirt and the print is amazing!! Love the shoes too :D

kittenhood said...

these pics are just adorable, love the outfit! you've done a great job with the skirt and the colors suit you perfectly.

Alina Anghel said...

cute outfit! love the bow tie.xx


Amber Blue Bird said...

that skirt is a beauty. The print is just lovely.

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Anaivilo said...

Thank you for the words! :D


cute blog! I’ll follow you!
I have a fashion blog too, I hope u'll be one of my followers on Bloglovin:-)

Cilla B said...

This ensemble is gorgeous

Patricia Iacob said...

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Charlotte said...

Oh wonderful look, so perfect! :D

MM said...

What an adorable outfit!!! The skirt is simply gorgeous!!

Have a lovely weekend!!


Unica said...

Hai la concurs: http://concurs.unica.ro/stil-de-blogger/

Cristina said...

That skirt is yummy! And I love how you paired it with the black blazer and that shirt with a bow collar, a perfect mix of feminine-masculine!

Mary_LyL said...

Beautiful skirt!!!