April 29, 2012

Romance in the Forest

 I couldn't wait to wear this dress! I waited for these earrings to arrive from True Vintage (check out the site, it's filled with gorgeous stuff and also you can find them at the V for Vintage fair next Saturday) I wore my dress with them, I thought they went perfect together; I wanted to create a romantic and yet a girlie fresh look, so I chose not to wear heels, instead my new pair of flats; and I was not too fancy, but perfect for a walk in the evening with a special someone. tcu8 tcu6 tcu4 tcu7 tcu tcu3 tcu2
Wearing: H&M Conscious dress, Mei shoes, Avon bag, Parfois beaded bracelet, New Yorker multiple bracelets, vintage earrings

April 27, 2012

Blue painted rain..

Not much of a fancy outfit today. I felt bored and uninspired; sometimes I get this feeling in certain days when fashion does not excite me. The weather was chilly and it seemed it was about to rain so my plan to wear a cute dress was ruined. So I wore something blue, put my new shoes on and a bling-bling around my neck to feel interesting and there I go. Today I couldn't help myself and I bought something way too delicious, I can't wait to show you! (which means - I can't wait to brag). I also indulged myself with three huge bouquets of lilac - my favorite flower, so naturally I wanted to share with you their beauty. So little time until my birthday, I am freaking out!
tyi3 tyi4 tyi tyi2 tyi6

Wearing: Zara blazer, New Look shirt, Koton pants, Mei shoes, Reserved bag, Meli Melo necklace and H&M rings

April 25, 2012

Magical Pastel Gardens


Pastels and floral prints? All in one, for a perfect Spring outfit (and those pants are simply magical!) Even though we are in the middle of Spring, the weather today was HOT! It really felt like summer and it was strange in a way, because frankly I am not in the mood to suffer in the heat for 6 months! Well, at least a storm is on it's way as we speak, and I am sitting cozy writing here and blogging. I have some little work to do for my graduate collection - the stress will come soon enough - so I best be getting on with it. Recently I have watched Skins, the last two seasons (who else have been watching this show?), I have bought books and flowers, and I've listened to the birds sing and currently I am not living in the real world, haha. Such a dreamer..
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Wearing: H&M top, Atmosphere pants, courtesy of MiniPrix, Benvenuti shoes, Giuka bag.

April 22, 2012

Sugar coated candygirl

When Tina R asked me to come by their store and choose one of their products, I immediately set my eyes in this green top. Why, you may ask, well, because of that lace upper part; I am crazy about lace so naturally this blouse has my name all over it. I paired it here with my vintage pleated skirt and I put a silky scarf around my head, for a exotic-meets-vintage look. I kind of like those little scarfs as headbands, I want to buy about fifty more of them. Opinions?





Wearing: Tina R top, thrifted skirt and belt, H&M wedges and coral rings, Deichmann socks, Meli Melo rings 

April 20, 2012

Red is Blue


After long days of rain, finally the sun showed up and I happily got to wear something lighter. I arrived back in Bucharest and soon after I met with Laura and took photos for our beloved blogs. How committed we are, isn't it so?
Soon is my birthday and I can't think of anything than to take a trip somewhere lovely! Hopefully that will be possible, I can't wait to show you photos, if I can. In the meantime.. I am dreaming of everything beautiful, reading magical books and trying to focus at college.







Wearing: Marni at H&M blazer, vintage shirt, self made skirt, Giuka bag, New Look shoes, no name earrings

April 17, 2012

Little Red Riding Hood lost her basket


I always love taking photos in forests, there is always something mysterious, creepy and yet so beautiful about them. These were taken after visiting my relatives on Easter day, a simple floaty dress paired with my mom's vintage belt, it has such a beautiful design, and of course she will never get to see it again, muahaha. Tomorrow I am going out for a little shopping and the day after..back to Bucharest..oh no..






Wearing: Glow dress, vintage belt, Avon ring, Meli Melo earrings, Leonardo shoes

April 16, 2012

Goodies Overload

Never been much of a fan of Easter, and I know due to differences in religion, we celebrated in different periods sometimes, but still, Easter is the major holiday of Spring, and even though I eat too much chocolate eggs and so many other foods, it lacks the magic of Christmas. There are no light, snowflakes, carols or mystery. There is just..calm..flowers ( and that is a bonus) and..a relaxed state of mind.


Traditional eggs hand-painted by our local artisans



Chocolate eggs

est2 (2)


And some real eggs


Something that resembles a cheesecake


And our traditional ..cozonac, still some kind of cake


Hope you all Romanian readers have a wonderful Easter!

April 14, 2012

Like an Ice Cream


I arrived home on Wednesday night and only today I finally got the chance to take some photos, with difficulty, thanks to the sun shining way to bright in the sky and the unappealing streets. Oh well; my back hurts for carrying four huge bags down four floors because the elevator decided to be out of order -__- great. While I am here, my family prepares for Easter ( we celebrate it a week after the Catholic one) which means I will be eating lots of goodies, I went out with friends and I found this minty top in a thrift shop which I am veeeeeeery excited about. Looks like ice-cream, yum!
I have in plan to do lots of school-related stuff and for myself too, but I will fail miserably I can feel it, so I best be going to my lecture - currently reading Frankenstein by Mary Shelley - and make a list of what to buy as soon as I get back to Bucharest ( I have a talent in wasting money)







Wearing: thrifted top, vintage skirt, Mondex tights, H&M shoes, self-made bracelts.