October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!


We never celebrated Halloween in a proper way, but this time my boyfriend surprised me with a very sweet evening. I just returned from the city and I found the whole house covered in candle lights and Halloween sweets and pumpkin shaped nuggets and such; with a splash of spooky, yet funny music courtesy of Halloweenradio.net It's so fun! 


 These are very gooey and they taste like bubblegum!



And we have a black cat now! Muahahaaaaaa sss33 

We are listening to howls and creepy violins right now and we are considering watching a scary movie later on. 
 How are you celebrating?


October 28, 2012

The Golden Hour


 As you may notice, I made some changes in my blog's layout..Actually I wanted to do a make-over for some time, so I thought that if I changed my hair a few days ago, this would be the right time to remodel my blog as well. I am quite pleased with it and I hope that you are too. If you are a new visitor, welcome! 
These photos were shot in the rain, you can't see it but you may notice my hair looking...not so good. Of course we didn't bring an umbrella so we shot these in a hurry and not too far from where we live. I saw those leaves on the ground and suddenly I was over the Moon! God, the colors are just brilliant!






 Wearing: MiniPrix leather skirt, Kara sweater random brand bracelets, New Look shoes, New Yorker bag and belt, Alice&Sara necklace, vintage scarf and earrings


October 26, 2012

I've stepped into the dark side


 Oh yes, my bright red hair has cooled down and turned into a burgundy shade (or wild cherry if you want). It was about time I changed it, even though I wanted a lighter shade for about three months.. more like a rusty color, the temperatures outside made me chose this hue instead, and you know what? I am super happy with it! It was quite a shock to see my hair this dark, and I will probably miss my crazy red in time, but after three years you have this bitter-sweet feeling of change. In the sunlight it's still red, but in a certain light it looks purple! Crazy.
We took these photos up on a rooftop, near a restaurant called Havana, it has this amazing view over the whole city from every angle, it's just beautiful! I said "I have to take some photos here!"
It's finally Friday, yohooo! Make the best of it  lovelies.









Wearing: mother's old sweater, gifted  skirt, Deichmann boots, New Yorker tights, Meli Melo necklaces and bag

October 24, 2012

Whispers through the leaves








Can't stay, too excited about the new Gossip Girl episode! (Even though it got too corny, I am mainly watching for the fashion)
Happy rest of the week darlings! 

Wearing: Zara cardigan, thrifted skirt, LJR top, New Look shoes and socks, vintage bag, most of the
bracelets were gifts.


October 23, 2012

Luxury is sinful

vogue japan oct 2012 5 
 Vogue Japan, October 2012 

These photos to me are like Lust, making me commit a sin, it's like they are inviting me into their world of luxury..of opulence.. of glory. Somehow this Baroque trend makes me feel as if I am at home. I would kill to own something so glamorous as these dresses, with all those golden ornaments and fabulous lace and not to forget the statement jewelery! 
Why wasn't I born in that era, as a noblewoman?..

vogue italia sept 2012 13 
Vogue Italia, September 2012

  marie claire cheh 2012 
Marie Claire Czech, October 2012 

 madame figaro oct 2012 2 Madame Figaro, October 2012

 how to spend it 2012 3 how to spend it 2012 4 how to spend it 2012 8 
How to Spend it Magazine, fall 2012

 interview germany sept 2012Interview Magazine, Germany, September 2012

 numero oct 2012 3 
Numero October 2012 

fashion canada oct 2012 2 
Fashion Canada Magazine fall 2012 

Vogue Spain October 2012

 Vogue Latin America fall 2012 

source: fashiongonerogue.com

October 21, 2012

In darker shades


These are my favorite colors this season and I really really wish I could have more pieces in these colors. And what about the cute necklace? It was love at first sight and now it's miiine! I could sleep in it and feel glamorous. 
Hope you all had a great weekend! 

bvm8 bvm2 bvm4 bvm3 bvm7 bvm6 bvm1 bvm9

Wearing: H&M sweater, pink ring and necklace, vintage suede skirt, no name boots, Meli Melo rose rings and New Look bag