December 19, 2013

Round and around we go


 When I first saw this type of coat HERE, I instantly melted and thought to myself " I really need this in my life NOW!" The truth is I've always dreamt of such a silhouette, and as much as I searched for a coat with this design, I was never satisfied. Until one day.. 
 The coat is made by Potocaliu, a lovely new Romanian brand by Cristina Bucur. For this coar I chose a bright vegetal green (even though in the pictures looks different) and let me tell you, I would like one in all the colors in the world! I love the shape, I love the fabric, I love the feeling I get when I strut among people, I love the elegance and the femininity of me, it's just the perfect coat! 
So, sorry Andreea, for having similar outerwear and yet again, thank you for letting me know about this brand! ;)

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Wearing: Potocaliu coat, Deichman boots, gifted scarf, no name gloves, vintage earrings, Primark bag.

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  1. Your coat is so beautiful and also the scarf is great! The mood of pictures is amazing!

  2. Vai, ce imi place paltonasul acesta!
    L-am vazut si eu tot la Andreea prima oara si mi se pare genial.
    E atat de feminin si de frumos!
    Iti sta superb cu el!

  3. :) Awwwww, ti-ai facut haina la Cristina! Cat de tare :D
    Te iert stai linistita, iti vine prea bine :*

  4. Superba tinuta!

  5. WOW!Superb este paltonasul, ador forma si culoarea si lungimea, e chiar perfect! <3

  6. This look great on you, too, and I love how you accessorized it. Pretty pretty!


  7. Awesome outfit
    Cool Pics
    Just loved your blog ^^

  8. E asa de elegant si de frumos si iti vine si foarte faci sa vreau si eu unul!

  9. I adore the coat, so feminine indeed! Marvelous :D

  10. That defo is the perfect winter coat. The colour, the shape, everything is so perfect and princessy, ah <3



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