January 9, 2014

Procrastination days.

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 So I am back in Cluj to resume my studies, oh boy, I am in no mood of exams but I am sure eager to be done with them for good! 
But at the moment I am listening to Justin Timberlake, browsing movie trailers and thinking what to cook for dinner. Yup, running away from real responsibilities is a must in my book!

  Wearing: Sheinside sweater, random brand dress, Deichmann boots, The Bag Shop bag, MiniPrix old coat, vintage earrings.



  1. love this look! the coat and skirt are stunning!

  2. Foarte frumos mantoul, toata tinuta imi place, mai mereu esti pe gustul meu :P
    Geanta e o pata de culoare si cred ca-mi place la fel de mult ca mantoul :)


  3. You look beautiful! I adore the sweater! Good luck with the exams! When I have a nightmare, I usually dream I'm in the middle of an exam, I finish writing all the answers, and then puff...they disappear and nobody believes I actually studied :))!

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  5. This outfit is so lovely! I really love the fluffy sweater and the boots! :D

  6. Love the textures and the layers! :D


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