January 13, 2014

That classic red, black and white.

123 123 2 123 5 123 3 123 7 123 66 

 From time to time I get back to these colors which in my opinion blend in together smoothly, and from time to time I also go back to mixing prints, which is always so fun! 
Also, I have to add that this is one of the two hats I bought in the thrift shop/food shop around the corner a few weeks ago. Isn't it adorable? 

 Hope you'll have a great Monday, I am already cursing it because it's 6 P.M. and falling asleep, because I watched the Golden Globes live the other night and for Romania that meant 3 AM to 6 AM (yes, I do stuff like that). 

 Wearing: S. Oliver dress underneath, thrifted H&M cardigan, belt and hat, Deichmann boots, thrifted Primark bag, Calvin Klein sunglasses, handmade ring.



  1. I loooove this color combination! As for the prints mixing, there's no denying that you have a feel for this sort of things!

    You look beautiful and the photos are amazing!




  2. You look wonderful with that dress and the mixed prints are so lovely! Great sunglasses too ;)

  3. Loving the pics! Quite a daring mix of prints :)

  4. Looking fresh and chic! Your looks are always creative and cute <3
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  5. That skirt (dress) is the prettiest!

  6. Wonderful as always! Love the color combo so much and the hat is really lovely ;)


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