May 2, 2014

Another year older


 The beginning of a new month and the beginning of a new year for me started with a cloudy day but turned into a sunny warm one, thank God! 
 Turning 24 is like going home on the same path everyday - it makes no difference at all. After you pass the age of 20, you kind of loose count. Perhaps next year I will take on another path, who knows?
 After a change of plans, I decided to remain in the city which of course was not that crowded with people, because since 1st of May means something like Labour Day here, everybody left for their mini-holidays.
So I took advantage of my free day, went out and took photos (how about my new thrifted dress?)
The blazer is part of the gift my lovely house mates gave me for my birthday, thank you giiiirls!

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Afterwards, we went at this lovely place, highly appreciated here for their food and sweets (it's called Camino) Too bad I forgot to take more pictures to show them to you. In any case, it looks very vintage and cute.


And I treated myself with this holy apple cake with vanilla cream - it was rainbow in my mouth!



Of course, how else to end my day without some shopping?
I spent a lot, but I thought "whatever, it's my birthday" -  and now I have to keep my money only for food for the rest of the month, how boring
I will show you soon what I bought!

Hope you all had a great day yesterday and I wish you all a great one today, after all, the partying is not over.

Wearing: thrifted dress and belt, H&M necklace, Asos shoes, Parfois earrings, Primark thrifted bag, Stradivarius blazer.

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  1. LA multi ani inca o data! :)
    Rochia ti se potriveste manusa, e perfecta pentru tine :)

  2. La mulţi ani, dragă Oliviana. Îţi urez multă sănătate, noroc şi împlinirea tuturor dorinţelor până acum neîndeplinite.
    Arăţi excelent în această rochiţă cu aer retro.

  3. You look absolutely stunning! I love the necklace and the dress is very cute! :D

  4. La mulți ani și aici! Ce bine îți stă în rochița asta, numai bună de început un nou an! Și vreau să știi că pentru că ai pus poze din Camino, mi s-a făcut super dor de casă :o3 But Ill be back soon xx Te pup!


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