April 22, 2015

I love Autumn, but still..

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 The weather here is ridiculous. I mean, seriously we are having the crappiest Spring ever! 
 Two posts ago you saw me wearing flats and skirts and this Sunday, I had to dress up like in the Fall. I mean, I love Autumn, but I love it when it's supposed to be Autumn, not when trees are in bloom and birds are supposed to be singing happily.

 So here I am , wearing a somekind of Spring/Fall coat I got recently in a random shop - just because my Winter coat was too ridiculous to wear and it wasn't warm enough for a light trench coat - so there you have it. 
My hands froze and the wind was blowing so hard that it even discouraged you to go around the corner and buy some bread. You would rather starve. 

 Needles to say I am tired and annoyed by this situation, I see the weather improved today a bit and hopefully I will at least get some sunshine for my birthday, which is in 9 days from now (#freakingout)

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Oh and yes, I have green eyes now, ha!
I've always wanted that.


  1. This look is so 70's! I like it a loooot & the coat is perfect for this outfit.


  2. just perfect outfit!!I like it so much

  3. I can feel your pain. I already put away my winter clothes, and my spring clothes are too thin for this messed up weather... :( but you managed to look chic! :)

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