April 14, 2015

Post Easter thoughts

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 As you probably read this, I am still sleeping, recovering from last night's party, because you have to finish the Easter holidays with a bang, right? 
Speaking of which, this is the outfit I wore on Sunday, to a short visit at my grandparents house. As usual, I tried not to eat too much food and I am doing a pretty good job at it, but when it comes to sweets, well...that's a different story! 
In a way, I am glad the holidays are over so I can revitalise myself with fresh smoothies, fruits and vegetables (but those who are around me will see how I'll crave for a cheesecake in about a week or so) 

 I hope you all had a great peaceful time surrounded by your loved ones! I am glad we had a wonderful weather for starters! 

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Wearing: vintage skirt and belt, MiniPrix.ro shoes, thrifted bag, Glow top



  1. Hei, mă bucur că ai revenit și îmi place ținuta ta colorata:) Eu sunt la fel în privința dulciurilor. De carne nu am nevoie, dar de ciocolată da.
    Hristos a Înviat!

  2. You look great!
    Te invit si pe blogul meu:

  3. Ha, ha, ha, la fel fac si eu cu dulciurile :)))
    Foarte draguta si finuta tinuta, imi place mult fustita! <3

  4. Sweet as always, love the shoes and the hair colour!

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    XoXo Venoma
    Venoma Fashion Freak

  5. Doamne cat iti sta de bine. esti draguta asa.


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