May 3, 2015

A quarter of a century

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 How is the three-day weekend going so far for you? 
Those that celebrate 1st May as our Labor Day which ironically, is a work-free day, are probably celebrating somewhere out of town, or even out of country. 
I chose to stay in because I don't necessarilly celebrate Labor Day, but my birthday. So this Friday I turned 25, which to some people is quite a big deal, but I am not sure exactly how to see it. I'm in my mid twenties and mostly I feel a bit scared that I will reach a certain point in which I'll probaly think that I haven't accomplished as much as I wanted to. 
But, let's not talk about scary things. I actually did something pretty cool on Friday morning, I went paragliding (not sure that is the correct way to say it) as you might have noticed on Facebook here. It was a birthday present and I loved it! The thrilling sensation, the rush, the strong wind carrying you around the air - it was amazing and I wish I could do it everyday! When I went back to the city I felt as if I just landed from a different world and couldn't go back to my usual activities. Strange.
 Then I made some appetizers and mojitos, we played an intesive game of Monopoly - in which I failed miserably - and ended the day, or rather the night, with a smile on my face. 
No hard-core party, not a huge guest list, that is not really my style (unless it's a surprise party - then I don't mind, haha) I was surrounded by lilac flowers and great company, which is more than enough.

 I hope you all had a great time these past few days!

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Wearing: Zara shirt and jacket, New Yorker jeans, Asos shoes, vintage earrings


  1. Happy birthday, cutie, and may all your wishes come true! I saw on FB that you celebrated with a dose of adrenaline :) (awesome, btw). It seems like you had a great time on your birthday, it's pretty much the way I celebrate my birthday also!

    I wish you all the best!


  2. Beautiful look! I adore your blouse and jacket :)

  3. Awesome combo, love those jeans!

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    Venoma Fashion Freak

  4. The top is gorgeous! :D


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