April 29, 2015

Roses and Magnolias

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 I look all dreamy and lady-like here but before finding this lovely location, I was so annoyed, moody and dizzy mostly because I was very hungry and when I am hungry, it's like all Hell breaks loose. So, I am turning into a big cry baby (euphemism for bitch that is)
 But like I said, I forgot about all of that, when I found this huge old house with a very lovely garden - lilacs, roses and magnolias that unfortunately we couldn't have access to ( unless we crossed one fence and tried to deal with a frustrated old lady that probably lived there, who most likely started to yell that we were trespassing and so on) I really wanted to make some photos with that huge Magnolia tree (you can see it in the third photo) but I only managed to capture it through the fence lines. 
Anyway, I fell in love with the place, because you might know how I adore old vilas and beautiful gardens. Taking photos in such places, is always Heaven to me; and I was surprised I managed to find a small a lovely place like that just the moment I thought that I already know every corner of this city. I guess I was wrong.

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Wearing: Sheinside skirt, Vila blazer, vintage belt and golden bracelet, Deichmann shoes


  1. oh my goood, this outfit is perfection!!! The skirt and the belt and everything came together perfectly oh and the photos also! I think they look better before the fence and not like in the garden :D I always love photos with fences :) kisses

    ChocolateFashionCoffee Facebook Page

  2. O tinuta asa draguta si niste poze asa de frumoase :)

  3. gorgeous outfit! I loooove the scenery, the photos are very lovely!

  4. So classy & feminine look! Loveeee it!
    Flower patterns are amazing, you simply can't go wrong with them :)


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