May 25, 2015

Those fabulous giant dots

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 I'm so excited to show you this gorgeous skirt that I recently added in my wardrobe! 
It was custom made at a tailor, because, even though I made some other skirts and tops myself in the past, I wasn't confident enough this time, since that fabric is so precious and very easy to destroy if you don't have the necessary skills. I found it in my closet while cleaning and I thought it was such a shame not to make something out of it this season. I found a great tailor and I let the precious fabric in his hands. I wanted a big circle skirt, with a retro vibe (of course) and I was so happy with the result, I felt like dancing in that skirt all day.
 When I first saw this fabric, it was a while ago, back in the day when I was obsessed with polka dots. But not any dots, those fabulous giant dots that I wasn't able to find anywhere, only tiny, dwarf-size dots that I was completely bored of. I took the last batch of that fabric and it remained in my closet until this day. 
I still have so many pieces of fabrics that I really need to start turning them into clothes, and the fun fact about custom-made items is that you can be sure that no one else has the same piece of clothing as you do!

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 Wearing: Custom made skirt, vintage top, earrings and bag, Asos shoes



  1. love this look...amazing shoes!

  2. The skirt is gorgeous and it's amazing that you found someone to bring your idea to life. You look lovely!


  3. Love the skirt!! Awesome

  4. Oh that looks so perfect on you!

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    XoXo Venoma

  5. Great look! i like yor style . You impress me. I can wait for the next photos and posts.


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