July 20, 2015

Places you can't go to


 You know what I hate most about old people? The fact that they are so narrow-minded. Most of them are, you can't deny that. I am sure that some of you experienced a never ending conversation where you try to make your grandmother understand your own point of view or to persuade your grandfather to be more flexible when it comes to, well..this century. 
Family is family, but I got the lovely "privilege" to come accross an elderly stranger. You see, I found this lovely courtyard where I decided to take some quick photos and not to make too much of fuss, so I won't bother someone. Well, that was a total failure, as it took about 2 minutes and a woman started shouting at us to go away as fast as possible or she'll call the police. Uhm....what? Was I really tresspassing her own private courtyard? Was I stealing something? When we tried to explain the reason why we were there, she started yelling even harder and continued her idiotic threats. I left only because I knew it was pointless to argue with the old hag and I decided to look for another courtyard, more..flexible, where I could swirl around at peace.
 I was soo annoyed mainly because I had more fun ideas for photos in that place that I didn't got a change to make. I guess I should be thankful that she hasn't made any commentaries about the way I wore my shirt - that would've been the cherry on top! 
It's a scorching Summer out there, you gotta let the skin to breath as much as possible, right?

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Wearing: Vintage silk skirt, Be You shirt, Stradivarius sandals, no name bracelets.



  1. Ohmy, I hate it when that happens. I don't know if it's necessarily old people who act like that. Some people are just mean, regardless of their age.

    Aaanyway, it's good that you got the chance to take these pics, they came out great. And I love the outfit, of course. The skirt is darling and so are the bracelets!


  2. I love, love the colors you use. Boo to old hags, yay for beautiful outfits :)

  3. Oh yes, that skirt is amazing!


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