August 28, 2015

I am the cherry on top!


 Well, well, look who appeared on the blog! A chic lady that travelled in the future from the 1940s. Joke aside, I have to say that I was so excited for this dress, I had fun creating this style, so it was something I really enjoyed.
I am fascinated by all retro, vintage inspired looks and I showed you in the past such outfit posts and each time I do it, it makes me feel confident and special (I really must've been some cool vintage lady in another past life)
 I got this dress from Dressin, they contacted me for a collaboration not long ago, and while I was browsing through their dresses, I found this particular one that really stood out and I thought that it really has to be mine. When it arrived, my world filled with rainbows and fairy dust for a few moments - I have to say now that whenever I look at it, I feel this urge to eat cherry jam.

About the outfit, I really wanted to create a retro look, hairstyle included with victory rolls and all that - it wasn't easy to make those rolls, I tell you that. I initially wanted to take the dress out for a picnic and be surrounded with real cherries, maybe even a cherry cake! Alas, it's the end of August and the cherries are gone so I'll have to wait until next year.

I hope you enjoyed this little incursion to the past, let me know your thoughts!

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Wearing: Dress from HERE, no name shoes, vintage purse.



  1. Uahh, ce deliciu de rochie!! Si coafura exact pe masura ei, vintage pana la capat. Nicee!!

  2. The dress is gorgeous, Oli. You look like pin-up perfection!!

  3. a zis Fede inainte...este delicioasa rochita, numai acest cuvant imi vine de cand am vazut-o!


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