August 31, 2015

Summer's end....not!


 Tomorrow may be the first day of September but it certainly does not feel like it. 
The scorching heat came back while I was browsing websites for boots and trench coats, so I guess I have to play along for a week or two more, but it's fine; I went to the pool for a swim and took long walks during the evenings and savoured some brilliant ice cream - the perks of Summer. 
I leave you to this simple set of photos we made yesterday in the last light, now I'm off to do some errands (except that I don't want to because it's 2 P.M. and it feels like stepping into a hot oven - pray I won't suffocate.)

  jt7jt1 jt4 jt2 jt3 jt6 

 Wearing: H&M skirt, Pull&Bear top, MiniPrix sandals, no name earrings



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