August 27, 2016

Proudly wearing boyfriend jeans

boyfriend jeans  

Here's a fashionwise thing about me: I've always sensed an attraction to this boyfriend jeans style but I thought they won't look good on my figure, nor that they are in my feminine, romantic style so I thought what is the point buying them if they are not in my style?  But while I was searching for a new pair of jeans - because I do wear jeans from time to time - I immediately grabbed about five pairs of boyfriend style ones and I spent about half an hour deciding if I do like them. I finally settled with these you see me wearing here. I never understood why they necessarily have to be ripped, I mean, come on, do all men wear ripped jeans? I guess they are more interesting this way. 
The level of comfort is surreal and I really love how they look on me, and mostly I love how they look with feminine tops, with heels and accessorized with massive, sparkly, state-of-the-art jewelry. The contrast is intriguing and fun to wear! 
What do you think about them?

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Wearing: Top from HERE, New Yorker jeans, MiniPrix sandals, vintage bag and earrings, Uncommon Goods bracelets


  1. You are such a babe! I love the color of your hair and your cool girl style. Work it!!!


  2. I love your boyfriend jeans, as well as your whole outfit :-)

  3. Love boyfriend jeans!!

  4. Nice post ! very casual
    love ur hair color

  5. This look is stunning! By the way: Your hair colour is gorgeous :)

    What about following each other?

    Caro x

  6. Adore this look! Your earrings are stunning!

    Chow Down USA

  7. You are completely flawless! Loving the hair style and the outfit! Your fiery red hair is so stunning!

    xoxo Rina

  8. Love the jeans and your hair looks so chic in a bun. Gemma x

  9. Such an awesome and cool Look! I really love boyfriend jeans *-*
    best wishes

  10. Simply stunning! Love your look!

  11. Your top is darling! This is such a chic look!

    Doused In Pink

  12. You are rocking the bf jeans! Such fun sleeves on that top too.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style


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