October 21, 2010

Black and White


I can't believe how black/white I dressed that day. It was about two days ago, when the weather was still rainy. I guess I wasn't in the mood for color. Although, I was so pleased when I saw all these leaves on the ground, it's like a a rug that makes me dive into it! This is the highlight of Fall! After this, I get bored, and can't wait for the first snow.

Also, that day I met with Alice from Dulapul Bunicii and bought from her this Audrey Hepburn brooch! Isn't it adorable ? I can't wait to wear it! We drank tea and had a great talk, It was so nice to meet her! 
Now, I am of to college to work!  Have a great day!

Wearing: Takko faux leather jacket, second hand men's shirt worn as a skirt, no name T-shirt, YOU pants, Avon bag,  and Amanda boots.
Necklaces form Accesorize and Meli Melo


  1. Gorgeous Audrey brooch, I bet it will look great with many outfits. I am not a big fan of black and white, although I admit it's one of the classiest combination, but I love your outfit. I guess it's because there is a pop of color from your hair and it's more interesting this way. Love your faux leather jacket too.

  2. It was very nice meeting you too. We definitely have to do this again; I very much enjoyed our little talk. I loved your outfit so much and can hardly wait to see you wearing the Audrey brooch. Kisses:)

  3. Great outfit, very creative of you in using the mens shirt as a skirt! :) The photo of the leaves is so pretty, it is one of the best parts of fall! Have fun at college! :)


  4. the way u made that skirt is pure genius. very creative. looks like a vivienne westwood piece. and u met alice. OMG dying of jelousy. i love alice too she is so nice and one my closest friends from romania. the 3 of us should totally meet next summer if u are in bucharest.

  5. Edgy, baby:D Me loves it, especially the skirt <3

  6. I love black & white outfits. Beautiful picture the one with the leaves. :)

  7. I just love the shirt you wear as a skirt. the outfit is perfect!

  8. You're waiting for snow already? You must be a snow bunny! I'm already dreading the cold as is, and it's not even 10 degrees yet. I love your necklace, and that audrey brooch is super cute. Love it!

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  10. Alice makes some of the prettiest accessories. That brooch is simply adorable!

    Your outfit is perfect for autumn, especially this cold one we're having in Bucharest right now. And I have a friend who keeps telling me that black&white outfits works oh-so-very well with red hair so I think we should be taking her advice more often :)


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